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tv   Senate GOP Postpones Health Care Vote  CSPAN  September 26, 2017 2:27pm-2:34pm EDT

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a majority just like we did last nyom thyme i'm not thinking about calling early elections. as a result. mr. president, thank you very much. thank you. >> president trump announcing earlier he'll visit puerto rico and the virgin islands next week. the u.s. territories greatly impacted by hurricane maria. live coverage of this event or more coverage of this event available online at now to the republican leaders announcing they will not hold a vote on the graham-cassidy plan. live coverage on cspan 3. >> and reminds us of our responsibilities to up and help
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our fellow american. senator schumer said it was imperative provide additional hurricane relief for victims of maria, yet yesterday, nancy pelosi blocked hurricane relief that would benefit not only the victims of hurricane maria, but irma and harvey as well. i hope she would reconsider. it appears miss pelosi's passion in the days following hurricane harvey were short lived and now, she's attempting to block this relief for victims of my state in florida and puerto rico in order to attach it to some other unrelated legislation. so, i hope that senator schumer will reach out to miss pelosi and get her to agree to lift her hold on this important relief. and that we weather don't forget
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any of the victims of the terrible natural disasters that have occurred recently, harvey, irma, or others that may economist including as our friend frs the west remind us, the wildfires out west. >> you pulled your top priority. you have a tough election in alabama where your candidate might lose would you say this the is a tough day zm look, we have, senator graham and cassidy point out, we haven't given up u on changing the american health care system. we are not going to be b able to do that this week, but it still lies is ahead. the it's time to turn to our twin priority, reform iing the x code. we've reached significant i agreements to go forward.
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i'm 079 mystic they will achieve that. >> first thing you said they're on the path to pass this bill. concerning the fact you've been on hello care so many times the past couple of years. >> it took 18 months to pass obamacare. it's going to take a while to repeal it, here's what i want you to know. there are 50 votes for the substance. at the epd of f the day, readily sa murkowski statement. we spent a lot of time trying to make alaska health care better. not just replace obama care, so what am i confident of? with a new process, with more hearings, regular order, we're going to get 50 votes.
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the reason i say that is because i believe it. the process, about the short period of time we have and the leader could do nothing b about that. these are rules of the senate. so to anybody out there who think mitch mcconnell hasn't done all he could, you don't know what you're talking about. there may not be anyone out cl who thinks president trump isn't fully engaged. he is with a lot of topics, including health care. so i want you to understand what bill said is true. we don't have the votes this saturday, it's not because of the sub tans of the idea. the it's because of the process of the hand we were dealt. do not be celebrating losing an opportunity to repeal and replace obamacare because it's collapsing to my republican friends throughout the country, there's plenty of fight left in us like there is in you and to my republican friends, we've got
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an idea that defines us differently. it's medicare for all, which will be medicare for nobody. can can you imagine being 62 like i am, worked all your life, and bernie invites 200 million of your closest friends to join now, you, so this is going to collapse. they're going to try to have more government. we're going to take collapsing obamacare system. take the same amount of money and put anytime the hand of the people closer to you and i am confidence as i can be that graham, heller, cassidy, johnson, will be the alternative to obama care. it will be under this congress under a better process. >> there's a pent coastal bishop back home who once told me you cannot stop an idea who's time has come. it's bipartisan that obamacare is not doing well.
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bernie sanders has 15 cosponers to do their single payer plan, but unlike ours, which focusing on the individual market, about 4% of foplation and medicaid population, he wants to do the whole thing. he wants to take away employee sponsored -- you name it. obamacare is not working. just a -- i do think that as you see a family of three cannot afford the lowest priceded plan when they make 401% of federal poverty level that the idea has come and it will be accomplished not because of us, but because that family of three cannot afford their policy.


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